Bespoke Build Wall Aquarium

Creating wall aquarium to your exact specifications

We working closely with yourself, your architects, builders and interior designers the exterior of the tank is designed to work seamlessly with your wall aquarium.

After an initial consultation, which includes a site visit, a quote is produced. If you decide to proceed, an aquarium design is then produced. 2D CAD drawings and 3D structural drawings are produced where needed. We can also provide an order of works.

We work towards producing systems with the lowest ongoing running costs which reduces direct cost and maintenance cost. These include:

  • Low-energy lighting and pumps
  • On-site water changing support systems
  • Automatic feeders
  • Easy glass cleaning equipment
  • Fully adjustable lighting compatible with iPhone or Android devices

The wall aquarium is then built either on-site or off-site, depending on the circumstances of each aquarium. We will then position the aquarium once the silicon has set, and arrange for all the component parts and decor to be installed.

Aquascaping is carried out with an aesthetically pleasing design, incorporating the needs of the animals in the wall aquarium. 

If required, we can also carry out the stocking of the aquarium. We will provide you with a species list containing recommended livestock for your particular circumstances and aquarium. Once you are happy with the species list, we can supply the livestock and acclimatise them carefully into your new aquarium.

Our aim is to create an wall aquarium that not only complements its surroundings and creates a stunning focal point, but that also provides a suitable environment for the livestock within the aquarium.  

Wall Aquarium
Creating wall aquariums to your exact specifications
Side Wall Aquarium
In wall aquarium

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