System Installation

Behind the scenes of every bespoke system is an integrated network of complex pipework

Aquatic Gems Ltd has worked on large-scale system installations for many years (including in public aquariums and in commercial retail premises), so we have built up extensive knowledge of complex and intricate support systems for larger aquariums. 

We install large, complex systems with ease, ensuring an efficient system tailored to suit the needs of the client and the livestock. We believe that intelligent system design is at the heart of a smooth-running system. 

Some examples of work we have completed over the years:

  • Coral reef research system at the Horniman Museum 
  • System installation for beauty parlour treatments.  

Charterhouse Aquarium System Coral
First fitting for an automated water changing and salt water mixing system for Charterhouse Aquatics' East London showroom

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System installation at fish house