Bespoke build - curved tank in a circular room

Understanding our client's vision is at the heart of what we do

01 January 2014

This fish only marine system in a North London home is 3.5 metres long by 2.5 metres high. It provides a beautiful focal point for a reading room.

The aquarium is curved to complement a circular room and, whilst this presented a few challenges, has made for a truly unique aquarium.

The pipework was imported from America especially for the aquarium and 15 degree 2” and 3” elbows were used to run pipework round the room, through a wall and into the adjoining garage, where the bespoke filtration system is housed.

The system features:

  • automatic feeder
  • programmed LED low-energy lighting
  • mechanical ventilation
  • chiller
  • automatic top-up
  • on-site salt water mixing facility 

In order to accurately capture the client’s vision, we used a series of moodboards. These were then followed closely when aquascaping in order to achieve a striking, high-end finish to this exceptional aquarium.