Aquarium Maintenance Service

Providing a high standard of ongoing aquarium maintenance


Relax…we can take care of your aquarium maintenance for you. We pride ourselves on our aquarium maintenance service.

We dedicate an aquarium technician to you, who take a pride and ownership of your aquarium.

Are service takes care of all aspects of your aquarium. We also supply the products required (including water), collection and delivery of livestock or any other components like fish food.

For existing aquariums that we have not installed, we offer a free consultation visit to assess your aquarium’s needs.  

When an aquarium is well balanced, the reward is a healthy, beautiful-looking aquarium.  


Aquarium Maintenance Reference

Louise Denton-Snape

We have had our marine tank for four years now. It was originally set up by a chap who created the rockwork and provided the livestock. He maintained the tank for about two and a half years, with limited success. He relocated up North and kindly sourced our current supplier, Aquatic Gems, to replace him.

Since Aquatic Gems have been maintaining our tank it has been transformed. Our nitrate levels and algae build up were out of control when they took over. Within a relatively short space of time Laura and Cem have successfully reduced both the nitrate and the algae problems and indeed practically eliminated them through a combination of combative livestock and balancing chemicals.

So on a practical level I can highly recommend the quality of Aquatic Gems work. On a domestic level, I never hesitate to leave the house with Laura and/or Cem beavering away on the tank in complete confidence that I will return to a clean, tidy, reinstated lounge and a beautiful tank. 

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