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Aquarium moving service, replacement of old for new tanks, aquarium decommissions, R.O. and salt water delivery, supply and acclimatisation of new livestock and holiday care

Aquarium Moving Service  

Aquariums can be relocated within the same building if the tank needs to be moved, but more often we work to relocate aquariums to a new site. An aquarium moving service might be needed when an aquarium is sold and it needs to be moved between owners' properties, or when an aquarium owner is moving house and needs the aquarium to be moved to a new property.

 Aquarium moving service description:

  • Livestock will be bagged and transported in polystyrene boxes
  • Equipment will be decommissioned and transported
  • All water will be removed and transported
  • All sand and rock will be packed and transported
  • The aquarium, internal décor, water, livestock and equipment will then all be re-installed at the delivery address.

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In order to get a quote please email us at info@aquaticgems.co.uk with the following details:

  • Size of tank (Litres)
  • Both the collection and delivery addresses
  • Whether it is a freshwater, marine or coldwater system
  • Whether there are any stairs to negotiate at either site



Ray Barrick 

June13th 2015

I would recommend Aquatic Gems aqaurium moving service for anybody who is thinking of moving a fish tank to another premises. The guys moved my 450 ltr marine set-up to the new buyers house after I sold it on Ebay. They arrived on time and were very professional in the way they dismantled the set-up. Nothing was rushed and not a drop of water was spilled onto my carpet. The fish were then transported individually in large bags & all the water was pumped from the tank to their onboard water tank, housed in one of their vans. Many thanks to the guys for their excellent work & good luck for the future. I am sure your business will continue to grow.

Ben Farrin

Thoroughly recommend Aquatic Gems aquarium moving sevice! They dismantled, collected, delivered and then put back together my Red Sea Max 650 which I bought from eBay. I would never have been able to do this without them. They're very experienced and knowledgable and transferred 650 litres of water, live rock, corals and fish! Everything made it in one piece and the tank is running great. Thanks guys. It was a hard graft and you made it look easy. Pics to follow.



Replacement of old for new tanks

This service has been developed to allow people to upgrade their aquarium and keep the existing livestock, often placing the new aquarium in the same place as where the old aquarium was sited. 

Service description:

  • Removal and temporary housing of livestock and water from old tank
  • Decommissioning and removal of old tank
  • Installation of new tank
  • Original livestock and water introduced to new tank


Aquarium decommission

Occasionally, there are circumstances where an aquarium is no longer wanted and when this happens we can provide an aquarium decommission service. We remove the entire aquarium from your home or business (including equipment, decor, plants and livestock if needed).


R.O. water delivery

R.O. water can be supplied and pumped directly into a new aquarium.

On a smaller scale, 25litre drums can be delivered on a pre-arranged date.   


Pre-mixed, heated salt water delivery

Pre-mixed, heated salt water can be supplied and pumped directly into a new aquarium.

On a smaller scale, 25litre drums can be delivered on a pre-arranged date.   


Supply and acclimatisation of new livestock

We can suggest which species would work well in your tank, keeping in mind your vision for the aquarium, the environment the livestock will be living in and the other livestock you already have in your aquarium.

We will order and pick up livestock, deliver them safely to your door and then acclimatise them to your aquarium. 


Holiday care

If you need someone to visit your aquarium while you are away, we can arrange visits to feed fish, carry out maintenance, top-up with water and check that equipment is running as normal. We aim to give you peace of mind so that you can relax while you're away and come back to a clean, healthy aquarium.

Removal Storage
Before transporting this aquarium, the fish were housed in our temporary storage facility

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